Mr Sheen TANG




Mr Sheen TANG

Sheen is a passionate MRI radiographer with several years of experience in MRI since he first graduated with BSc Radiography at Monash. He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in MRI. He has been responsible to creating imaging protocols for a large radiology organisation in Victoria. 

His MRI skills has equipped him with vast experience in MSK and image sequence acquisition. Sheen's MRI experiences has enabled him to obtain skills to obtain optimum image quality with MRI scanners. These experiences have provided him with high level of quality in image acquisition providing highest efficiency for the reporting radiologist.

He is a valuable asset and good mentor to our radiographers with him being keen on sharing knowledge. We value him for the technical/clinical support and being a mentor within our team at YARRA Radiology, empowering us with skills and knowledge to tailor imaging protocols according to clinical needs for the best outcomes.

His passion for patient care and image quality has equipped us with the ability to perform MRI cases with accuracy in shortest possible time in the magnet tunnel that provides patient comfort in particularly in claustrophobic patients cohort.  

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