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YARRA Radiology friendly staff will try their best to assist you with any booking or referral related questions upon request.

Frequently asked questions

Every radiological examination, depending on your medical history, is different. The best way to get prepared is to call our friendly staff and they will guide you through exactly what you need to bring. 

Some things include:

  • Medicare card 
  • Referral letter from your doctor.
  • All preliminary findings and preliminary images (if available)
  • Surgery reports (if available)
  • For MRI additionally: implant type and laboratory values (creatinine) - if your examination is performed with contrast medium.
  • Blood values (thyroid value - TSH) and kidney values (Krea)

We know that radiology can be scary for children. You don’t have to worry! Our team is very professional and promises to go above and beyond to make your little ones feel comfortable.

If your child is nervous, we recommend that you bring their:

  • Favourite cuddly toy or blanket
  • CD, audio book
  • Favourite drink and a snack for later

Each examination depends on the type of test ordered. With MRIs some examinations are only 20 minutes while others can be an hour. Each scan takes between 2-5 minutes and some tests need more scans than others. We want to make sure that the picture is clear, which is all dependent on how still the patient lays. At YARRA Radiology, we will always aim to do the examination as fast as possible to make patients feel comfortable.

In order to receive sedation, you must have someone attend the examination with you who can drive you home. The person driving must also sign a consent form and be present when the patient begins the scan.

After receiving sedation – please be aware that you will not be able to operate any heavy machinery, drive, or make any important legal decisions for the remainder of the day. Even if you think the sedation has worn off, it is still in your system so we need you to wait 24 hours.

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