Our services

Our services

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Book an appointment for your exam or procedure at our subspecialised radiology clinic for your diagnostic imaging or therapeutic procedure needs. Our subspecialised radiology centre provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services encompassing a wide variety of top of the line imaging modalities as well as providing innovative therapeutic procedures to assist our patients in managing their conditions with our main aim being to provide an excellent patient care and exceptional quality services.


Diagnostic Imaging

YARRA Radiology is the quality provider of diagnostic imaging: We offer radiological examinations such as MRICTXrayUltrasoundBone DensitometryBreast Imaging (eg 3DMammogram or Tomosynthesis), Cardiac Imaging (eg CT Coronary Angiogram), Vascular ImagingDental Imaging (eg OPG or CBCT), and Interventional Procedures (eg FNA or Stereotactic Vaccum-Assisted Breast Biopsy) as a comprehensive service provider to our valued patients, and referring doctors with utilising top of the range state of the art best equipments.


Therapeutic Procedures

YARRA Radiology is sub-specialised radiological therapeutic provider: We offer a range of therapeutic pain management services including Facet JointNerve RootEpidural, appendicular skeleton Joint Injections as well as providing other treatment options such as EUFLEXXA, Hydro-dilatation and Radiofrequency Ablations as a service to our valued patients and referring doctors with some new innovative techniques by our highly qualified sub-specialists. 


Subspecialty Services

Imaging modalities continue to increase in complexity, increasing the importance of subspecialty expertise and driving greater demand for radiologists with the relevant experience to ensure more accurate interpretations.

However, many clinics simply don’t (and can’t) have specialty radiologists on staff when they need it. YARRA Radiology experienced team of fellowship-trained radiologists can provide sub-specialist coverage without the cost and challenges of finding one. A majority of our new radiologists are subspecialty-trained radiologists with an extensive post-qualification experience.  Our sub-specialists are experts in their field and dedicated to providing quality patient care.

Our breadth of expertise gives you the peace of mind that no matter what the situation, you have immediate access to resources in order to provide a quality final report. Our sub-specialised trained radiologists can provide superior clinical and practice benefits to help the referring physicians to make better decisions for the health of our valued patients.


Subspecialty Reporting

With our team of specialist radiologists we are able to offer subspeciality reports across multiple modalities and systems. Utilising our unique technology we are able to ensure that scans requiring expert review are automatically routed to the most appropriate sub-specialist Radiologist. This ensures that the highest quality reports are available which add to the clinician’s overall picture of the patients’ condition.

Available Subspecialty Services

  • MSK
  • Cardiac
  • Chest
  • Breast
  • Neuro
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Paediatric



Second Opinion

Connect With A Radiologist Today!

Connect with one of our sub-specialist radiologists, or have one of the top specialists in the country review your radiology scan. Our expert radiologists are available on demand to give your referring physician and you a clear, concise radiology second opinion for your MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, or Mammogram reads.




Quality Governance

Quality Governance

Responsive, friendly staff with dedicated management team.

We listen to our customers, and the feedback they provide us in order to excel in providing quality service. We go the extra mile and deliver quick and efficient responses to your feedback. We have in-house as well as independent quality control means in place to assure our clients of our provided quality reports.

We reflect and learn in partnership with our clients to continually improve and deliver outstanding patient care above all else.

Quality Governance

Quality Customer Service

Our friendly and enthusiastic team with provide personalised care to our valued clients in your community.

Expert sub-specialist radiologists available provide quality reporting to our clients and are available for consult to attend to clients needs upon request.

Proprietary technology and platform to deliver the right scan, to the right reporter, at the right time for the best report by a sub-specialist radiologist. This results in faster turnaround times and quality reporting for providing better quality customer care in diagnosis.

Quality Governance

Quality IT Infrastructure

Highest available resolution monitors and dedicated secure IT infrastructure provided to our radiologists for better and quicker reporting.reporting

PACS equiped with artificial intelligence (AI) and dedicated intelligence image reconstruction tools (ie AiCE) assist in high quality image interpretation by our expert team for better image interogation.

Proprietary technology and platform to deliver the right scan, to the right reporter, at the right time for the best report. This results in faster turnaround times for timely diagnosis and better patient care. 


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