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Dr Afshin AGAHI

Dr Afshin Agahi graduated from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in United States of America in Biochemistry and Mathematics in 2002. He further continued his medical education by obtaining Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) with honours from University of Tasmania (UTAS) in Australia in conjunction with Bachelor of Medical Research from UTAS also with Honours in 2008.

Dr Agahi had further specialist radiology training after completing his medical residency in Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) in Australia. He further gained sub-specialist training in musculoskeletal imaging and interventions before gaining dedicated breast sub-specialist fellowship training from St. Vincent Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

He further developed interest in cardiac imaging, considering cardiovascular disease burden being the major cause of mortality in Australia, to be able to help the community in a much more needed sub-specialty, as well. After gaining further training in sub-specialist cardiac imaging mainly in cardiac CT from St. Vincent Hospital, Sydney, Australia, he subsequently advanced his pursuit of excellence in a highly regarded European pinnacle of highest quality sub-specialist cardiovascular training in particularly in cardiac MRI analysis from German Heart institute " Deutsches Herzzentrum", Berlin, Germany in 2016.

Upon successfully completing his many years of dedicated sub-specialist radiology trainings, Dr Agahi started to provide what he has loved which has been providing sub-specialist radiology services to Victorians in being only sub-specialist provider in some regional areas to fulfill his dream of helping the people.

His dedicated hard work, and acquired expert skills, as well as pursuit of knowledge in radiology sub-specialties in conjunction with created network of radiology practices that rely on his sub-specialist services provided him the opportunity to care for many patients in all corners of Victoria, Australia, the place that he calls home.

He founded and established the VDX Radiology a successful teleradiology company and subsequently YARRA radiology Clinic to be able to provide quality sub-specialist services to the broader and local Victorian communities. 

Dr. Agahi welcomes your contact for any radiological sub-speciliaty opinion, and will be able to gladly assist you professionally at YARRA Radiology Clinic in South Yarra, Victoria.

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